Three life-saving straws for the most incompetent

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Three "life-saving straws" for incompetent bosses

this year, some managers once again found a "amulet" and "life-saving straws"

"no excuses" has become a popular bestseller and a must read book for many enterprises. Together with "bring the letter to Garcia" and "who moved my cheese", it has become the three "management Bibles" for some managers of many enterprises

we believe that these three books are all empty sermons and brainwashing of middle and lower level employees from the standpoint of managers or owners, and hope that all employees will claim their original sins. The book believes that employees should first claim all work functions and responsibilities, and be bound to complete them unconditionally without hesitation. If you can't reach it, you are the root cause of all mistakes and dereliction of duty, and you should bear all the responsibilities for it

from these three books, we can see that although it is not explicitly stated, it implies that managers and owners are detached from all business operations (except giving orders), and are offered to the altar, where employees worship and absolutely obey. At the same time, organizations are artificially divided into two opposing classes, those who give orders and those who unconditionally implement them (or assume all). We can imagine that if, according to the logic advocated in the book, the general who asked Luo Wen to deliver the letter was sent by his boss one day, would he immediately assign this letter to Luo Wen? Or will you start right away and send the letter to Garcia? Just like he praised Rowan's spirit

similarly, if Luo Wen was promoted to general because of his meritorious service in delivering the letter, when he received the task of delivering the letter again, would he set out immediately and unconditionally to complete it? Or give this task to the subordinate, and then ignore it, or send him two books "no excuses" and "who moved my 2014 milk" before he leaves

in general, the thinking of these three books has no foothold, the logic is contradictory, and the point of view is weak

we can think that in fact, these books are nothing more than "amulets" and "life-saving straws" that incompetent bosses find to get rid of their responsibilities and push everything to their subordinates

now, let's look at the essence through the phenomenon and see what is behind these preaching "Bibles"

"bring the letter to Garcia"

the biggest problem of this book is to simplify management, sanctify employees, and maximize the avoidance of leadership

What is the meaning of leadership? Is to lead and guide. But our so-called leaders, on the premise of violating the basic principles of management, regard a complex and extremely important work project as the basic elements of the management link, such as unswerving simplification, regardless of asking, lack of strict planning, effective guidance, certain control and timely feedback, in addition to giving orders

if so, Yamamoto could have said to general LAN Yun, "go and destroy Pearl Harbor". Then, regardless of asking, I spent all day drinking tea and playing chess, waiting for the good news to come. If the original Japanese soldiers worked like this, we wouldn't have to force Japan to apologize to us all day today

this kind of responsible leadership is unimaginable

as a management, carbon fiber reinforced composite bushing is also gradually put into the market to use basic common sense. We all know that we can't rely on the personal quality and ability of an executor to achieve the task; At the same time, give up the management and control of the process

similarly, as a superman, Luo Wen should not act like a personal heroism to complete an important work project. No one knows his whereabouts in the work process, nor does he declare the plan, let alone feedback the process. If he suddenly dies in the tropical jungle one day, how will this story be made up

as a leader with a little management experience, we all know that the story should be like this. The general said to Rowan, "go and bring the letter to Garcia. General Garcia is now in the jungle of South America. I ask you to complete this task within a year. In addition, you are required to report your location and work progress to adjutant George once a month." Then, he said to adjutant George, "George, if Rowan fails, you will take over his work and report directly to me when the work is completed or there is a deviation in the plan.". In this way, it conforms to the basic management principles

"no excuses"

the first problem in this book is to use the management slogan "employees should complete all tasks assigned by their superiors without any excuse. After slowing down, drive the lead screw pair to load", and inject water into a set of meals to spoil the appetite of everyone

the second problem is that the slogan itself hopes to instrumentalize the behavior of all employees, enslave their thoughts, and dream of seeking unlimited command and management desire for managers to maximize, even control desire

taking the management of West Point and the military as an example, this book teaches employees that they should serve and implement unconditionally, even if the instructions are reasonable or not, let alone think about the meaning of the instructions. In fact, we know that even as the tiantiao of military management, "all actions are under command", there is a limit. This limit is that the instructions of the higher authorities cannot violate the national constitution, regulations and military rules and regulations. Even theoretically speaking, it cannot violate human moral norms and conscience. This is just like US soldiers' abuse of Iraqi prisoners cannot be excused because they argue that it was ordered by the commander

the slogan "yes, sir" has limits and scope

however, this book deliberately avoids this point

more importantly, is it necessary for employees to participate in enterprise thinking and decision-making in our real enterprise organization? If the officer deliberately refers to deer as horses, do we have the right to say, "no, sir!". Obviously, the preaching ideal of this book is that employees should never think, as long as they implement it mechanically like a tool. Even when the officer refers to a deer as a horse, the employee should also answer, "Sir, there is no excuse!"

maybe this is the main technical parameters of this book, which is the root cause of being chased by countless incompetent managers

as managers, we should understand that military management is not

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