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Hubei: relying on the publishing and printing industry to become a strong cultural province

in recent years, Hubei Province has conscientiously implemented a series of guidelines and policies of the central government on cultural construction, implemented the strategy of building a strong cultural province, adhered to self pressurization, took the initiative to reform, built platforms and carriers, liberated and developed cultural productivity, cultural undertakings continued to flourish, and the cultural industry has grown stronger and stronger

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repay the society and people with first-class performances

Honghu water, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves. On the evening of December 18, 2009, the Luojiashan theater of Hubei opera and dance theater was full, and the opera "Honghu Red Guard" fascinated all the audience

the free theatrical activity of benefiting the people through culture was opened with endless applause from the audience

this is the concrete embodiment of the great development and prosperity of Hubei culture. Now, Hubei has achieved fruitful cultural construction and has a national first-class theater. In 2007, the eight Arts Festival, the highest national art event, was held in Hubei, which also pushed the level of Hubei drama to a new level. Because of this, we can get first-class theatres, first-class actors and first-class theatres to repay the society and the people. Du Jianguo, director of Hubei Provincial Department of culture, told the audience at the performance

from December 18 to December 28, 2009, 17 professional art troupes in Hubei launched more than 100 high-quality plays, which were staged in 19 theaters in five cities across the province. Zhu Shihui, Liu Danli, Zhang Huifang and other well-known artists have appeared one after another to create a cultural feast that benefits the people

on that night, in Hubei theater, Beijing charm stage, Tianhan Grand Theater, Wuhan acrobatic hall, Qianjiang Caoyu theater and other venues, nine stage art masterpieces, including the famous large-scale regional style dance poem "living by the Yangtze River", Peking Opera "mother-in-law stabbing words", "burning red cliff", Chu opera "Dabie Shanren", acrobatic drama "Nine Songs of fantasy", flower drum drama "wild love and hatred", were staged at the same time

75 year old father-in-law Chen and 70 year old mother-in-law Ding live in Hankou. They are in a traffic jam on weekends. They go out early at 5 o'clock in order to see the classic opera "Honghu Red Guard". Chen Dadi said: I saw the newspaper on the 15th and queued up at the theater to get tickets. I am very grateful to the government. I really care about the cultural life of our people

he Weidong, a 58 year old construction worker, is not from Wuhan. He sighed when he first entered the theater. It was cold outside, and it was as warm as spring when he entered the door. It was really enjoyable to sit in such a theater and watch the performance! From beginning to end, he Weidong's waist is straight, for fear of missing every detail. When the show ended, he kept asking what other performances were available and wanted to see it again

in recent days, since Hubei launched the announcement of the country's largest cultural activities to benefit the people in recent years, the free theater immediately received a warm welcome from the broad masses. 700 tickets for the opera "Honghu Red Guard" were quickly sent, and more than 6000 tickets for the four performances of Qintai Grand theater were also quickly issued. Wuhan theater, Hubei theater, Jingyun grand stage, Tianhan Grand Theater, Wuhan acrobatic hall, people's theater Invoices such as Zhongnan theater are very popular

the crowd responded enthusiastically. Only a few hours after the first day, thousands of tickets were sent out, which made me very moved and sighed. In fact, it will not change with the passage of time. Du Jianguo, director of the Hubei Provincial Department of culture, said that this activity not only meets the requirements of the masses, but also deliberately trains the audience to let everyone know that our stage art was so excellent. This is of great significance to cultivate potential cultural markets and train performance teams

experts commented that

cultural vitality is released in reform and innovation

where reform is deepened, there is vitality; Where there is courage to innovate, there is vitality. At present, Hubei has basically formed a cultural industry system with a complete range of categories, including performances, audio and video

Zhang Tong, vice governor of Hubei Province: as a province with large cultural resources, Hubei Province has good reasons to be in the forefront of cultural development. Therefore, at the ninth provincial Party Congress, Hubei timely put forward the strategic goal of building a strong cultural province, and proposed to promote cultural construction with the concept and method of grasping projects, so as to make the cultural industry become a pillar industry, and the proportion of industrial added value in the province's GDP has increased from the current 4.8% to more than 6%. In 2009, the publishing industry in the province was full of bright spots, with the total output value of the whole industry reaching 28.191 billion yuan, an increase of 15% over the previous year; Changjiang publishing and media group, Changjiang newspaper group and Zhiyin media group made profits of more than 100 million yuan; Five million newspapers and periodicals have been added, and the number of over one million newspapers and periodicals in the province has reached 10, which is the only local province in the country; Five printing enterprises were selected into the top 100 printing enterprises in China in 2009, ranking first in six central provinces; 7000 rural bookstores were built throughout the year, exceeding the 3500 tasks set at the beginning of the year

Du Jianguo, director of Hubei Provincial Department of culture: by focusing on cultivating a number of private leading cultural enterprises such as Jiangtong animation, Three Gorges non Expo Park and truking laser, build industrial parks such as Optics Valley International Creative Park, Wuhan Optics Valley Software Park, Wuhan Singapore Creative Industry Park, Mulan Lake Ming and Qing Dynasty ancient folk custom park; Wuhan International Cultural Industry Expo and the first central China Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair were held. Hubei's traditional cultural industries such as performance industry, cultural relics and art industry, cultural tourism and so on continued to grow steadily, and emerging cultural industries such as animation, online cartoon, streaming media and so on rose rapidly

Zhu Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee and Minister of publicity: Wuhan has included the creative industry into the eight 100 billion industry and the animation industry into the revitalization work plan of 15 key emerging industries. More than 50 social literary and art teams and more than 2000 community literary and art teams are active in the cultural field. The city has held more than 50000 mass cultural activities and participated in 60million people

Liuxuerong, mayor of Huanggang City: Huanggang is planning the development of cultural industry with the concept of industry. Hubei lishizhen International Health Culture Industrial Park, Eastern Hubei Zen culture tourism area, Huangmei Opera Development Research Center, Huanggang Cultural Industrial Park, etc. it is expected that the added value of the city's cultural industry will account for more than 6% of the city's GDP

Huang Chuping, Secretary of Xianning municipal Party committee: Xianning is expanding its cultural concept. We set up Xianning cultural industrial park with an investment of nearly 100 million yuan. Develop hot spring culture, osmanthus culture, bamboo culture, etc., hold the first hot spring international tourism and Culture Festival, and invest nearly 100 million yuan to shoot the TV series "the soul of Red Cliff"

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become bigger and stronger by marketization and industrialization

not only win awards, but also seize the market. It has become a high-quality product in Hubei 5 Mechanical and electrical model yd100l 0.85/1.5kw rpm is the conscious pursuit of literary and artistic creation

Xin Guoyun, general manager of Hubei Chutian performance company: in recent years, the performance market in Hubei has been booming. Our company obtained the performance management right of the large-scale regional style dance "living by the Yangtze River" through bidding. The play was jointly created by six key cultural units with shares, and entered the commercial performance market through the auction of performance rights. This is a successful attempt to carry out market-oriented operation from beginning to end. It is the first joint-stock production of plays in Hubei Province. Since winning the right to operate the play, nearly 200 performances have been performed, with a revenue of more than 10million yuan

not only "live by the Yangtze River", but also a large number of well-known and popular high-quality plays in recent years have achieved win-win social and economic benefits. Nearly 750 large-scale acrobatic themed parties "Heroes between heaven and earth", the musical "the Great Three Gorges", Hubei Flower Drum Opera "waiting for Lang in December", Chu opera have been performed in Europe, America and major cities in China, but many customers have responded that the fixture is a perishable piece "Dabieshan people", song and dance music and painting "Chu water therefore Bashan", and so on, have passed the market test to the whole country and even overseas

zhuyoulan, chairman of Jiangtong Animation Co., Ltd.: in June 2008, Hubei Province issued a guidance catalogue for social capital investment in the cultural industry. Of the 54 industries in the cultural industry, 43 industries, including film distribution and animation, allowed or encouraged social capital investment. It is under the encouragement of such good policies that we Jiangtong animation came into being. In 2008, we achieved a sales revenue of 130 million yuan and a profit and tax of more than 40 million yuan. We were rated as the 2008 national key cultural export enterprise and selected into the top 100 high growth enterprises in China's creative industry. Represented by Jiangtong animation, Wuhan animation enterprises have grown to 40 in recent years, with more than 7000 employees, and the annual total output value has exceeded 600million yuan

Wang Jianhui, chairman of Hubei Changjiang publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd.: only by changing the old development mode, management mode and operation situation, and taking the road of marketization, industrialization and large collectivization, can enterprises become bigger and stronger. In 2004, Hubei Changjiang publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd. steadily promoted the overall enterprise restructuring, comprehensively established a target system with performance appraisal as the main body, vigorously promoted the reform of personnel employment system, and established a modern enterprise salary system. They also effectively integrate advantageous resources and bring private capital such as dolphin media into the industrial system. In 2008, the company achieved its best performance in the four years since the establishment of the group: sales revenue of 3.7 billion yuan, an increase of 27% over the previous year, profit growth of 68% over the previous year, and total assets of 5.052 billion yuan, double that of four years ago, which is equivalent to rebuilding a Changjiang publishing and media group within four years

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