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As the fertile land of Nanjing industry, knowledgeable Huawei injects new momentum into the digital economy

the monitoring and evaluation report on the innovation capacity of national innovative cities ranks fourth. The number of net increase in high-tech enterprises in the past two years far exceeds the sum of years' accumulation, with 15 Unicorn enterprises and 312 gazelle enterprises, leading similar cities

Nanjing, with a 2500 year history of urban construction, is constantly creating sunshine and rain conducive to mass entrepreneurship and innovation, It is a fertile ground for large, medium and small enterprises to grow and grow. A vibrant forest of scientific and technological innovation is pregnant with the future of the city

now, Huawei, a heavyweight cultivator, cultivator and incubator, is welcome in this land full of infinite possibilities

recently, Nanjing Youwei Huawei cloud and computing City Summit was successfully held in Nanjing, and a number of major global scientific and technological achievements and regional joint innovation and cooperation projects were released at the summit. At the summit, Lu Yong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of China, revealed that Huawei would upgrade its joint innovation strategy with Jiangsu and Nanjing in 2020 and fully support Nanjing to take the lead in moving towards the Urban Innovation 2.0 era

as one of the specific focuses of Huawei to promote Nanjing urban innovation towards the 2.0 era, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop officially started operation on the same day. This fertile soil workshop is jointly built by Jiangning Development Zone, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing broadband wireless mobile communication R & D center, and is committed to building a domestic first-class and internationally renowned industrial innovation center and ecological service platform

vast and limitless, sail but trade wind. What new momentum will Huawei's groundbreaking plant inject into the high-quality development of Nanjing enterprises

landing in Jiangning Development Zone, the products of this workshop are very special

on February 26, 2020, at the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop project was officially signed in Gaoxin Park of Jiangning Development Zone

speaking of fertile soil workshops, we can't help mentioning the fertile soil plan implemented by Huawei since 2015

in November 2015, at the first Huawei developer conference, Huawei announced that it would invest US $1billion in five years to implement the fertile soil developer enabling plan (hereinafter referred to as the fertile soil plan), creating a development enabling platform and joint innovation for developer partners. Over the past four years, the fertile soil program has progressed very smoothly, and has developed more than 1.3 million developers and more than 14000 ISVs (independent software developers)

at the fourth Huawei all connect Conference on September 18, 2019, Huawei Vice Chairman Hu houkun announced that the fertile land plan entered the era of 200 and will invest $1.5 billion to expand the scale of developers to 5million people

fertile soil plan 2.0 is comprehensively upgraded from five aspects: products, empowerment, alliances, communities, and incentives, including seven aspects: training empowerment, fertile soil universities, Huawei certification, open laboratories, joint marketing, innovation funds, and fertile soil workshops. For the four stages of understanding, learning, construction, and listing of developers' development process, optimize the corresponding processes, communities, and resource allocation, Enable developers to grow more efficiently on the Huawei platform. At the same time, Huawei has set up LDF (learning and Growth Fund), PDF (product development fund) and MDF (market development fund) funds around the three stages of developer learning, product construction and product listing

as the main carrier of the fertile soil plan to land in Jiangsu, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop is jointly built by Jiangning Development Zone, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing broadband wireless mobile communication R & D center. According to the plan, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop focuses on the development direction of key industries such as industrial interconnection, smart electricity, green smart cars, artificial intelligence, 5g application innovation, and is committed to building a domestic first-class and internationally renowned industrial innovation center and ecological service platform, exporting Huawei's capabilities and resources to local enterprises, and helping enterprises carry out digital transformation and innovative applications based on Huawei's technology and platform, Promote industrial development, support no less than 100 enterprises every year, and support no less than 500 enterprises in total in five years

On April 11, 2020, Nanjing held a mobilization press conference for the four new actions, and the four new construction represented by new infrastructure, new consumption, new industry and new city began

as the southern center of the main city of Nanjing, Jiangning moves with orders, grasps the pulse of the times, and strives to be a strong position for Nanjing to develop new infrastructure, cultivate a strong new consumption force, expand new industries, and build a strong support for Nanjing to build a new city

on the road of building four new products, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop resonates with Jiangning high-quality industry at the same frequency. Bi nano silver wire has small volume, large specific surface area, good chemical and catalytic properties, electrical conductivity, antibacterial properties and physiological compatibility, and will become another driver and accelerator for the development of Jiangning industry

5g technology with high bandwidth, low delay, high-density broadband coverage and large capacity connection, which makes the real interconnection of everything a reality, has been widely used in Jiangning Development Zone. The main urban area of Jiangning has completed the basic continuous coverage of 5g signal, gathered more than 20 upstream and downstream enterprises of 5g industry, and the output value of the whole industrial chain reached nearly 35 billion yuan in 2019

industry university research cooperation is essential for the further development of Jiangning 5g technology. Huawei cooperates with China Wireless Valley, network communication and security Zijinshan laboratory located in Jiangning Development Zone. On the basis of basic research, the two sides jointly study and formulate standards for 5g/6g communication field, network technology and other basic scientific research fields; In terms of joint innovation, the two sides made a joint innovation pilot of "platform + new connection" in the field of industrial interconnection; In terms of industrial promotion, the two sides jointly build a 5g new scientific research and innovation platform and ecosystem; Both sides jointly promote the development of new industrial interconnection industry

it is well known that Jiangning is the largest vehicle manufacturing base in Jiangsu. Automobile enterprises such as SAIC Volkswagen, Chang'an Mazda and more than 110 parts and components enterprises gathered here, forming a complete industrial chain from R & D to manufacturing, logistics to marketing, with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan. In recent years, in line with the general trend of automobile transformation from transportation to green, interconnected and intelligent, the automobile industry chain of Jiangning Development Zone has accelerated its iteration in the direction of new energy and intelligent connection

There are opportunities in every iteration of the industry. In March last year, T3 travel, a leading domestic shared travel project led by FAW Group, Dongfeng Automobile and Chang'an Automobile, with an investment of 10billion yuan, was announced to be settled in Jiangning. Its underlying infrastructure supplier is Huawei. In other words, behind every T3 car running on the streets of Nanjing, the algorithm provided by Huawei ensures every trip

in smart electricity, another focus of the new infrastructure, Jiangning is the country's largest industrial highland: the market share of the national smart electricity secondary system field reaches 60%, the formulated relay protection technical standards account for 90% of the country, and the output value exceeds 100 billion yuan

Huawei and Nanrui, Jiangning intelligent power leader, have established a high-level alliance to give full play to their respective advantages and provide efficient power distribution solutions for global power customers. In the intelligent power community, optical fibers and power lines are deployed through OPLC optical fiber composite low-voltage cables, realizing the four in one of interconnection, television, and power

according to the plan, the total scale of new industries in Jiangning Development Zone will exceed 100billion yuan in 2020. Among them, the scale of the new generation of digital economy is 64.5 billion yuan, the main business income of the new medicine and new health industry is 11 billion yuan, the main business income of the green intelligent automobile industry is 21 billion yuan, the industrial output value of the new economy in the concentration area is 3.5 billion yuan, and the new business type in the future is 1 billion yuan. Standing on this fertile land full of infinite hope, Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop can do much more

enabling development, Huawei and Nanjing enterprises win-win future

as the saying goes, it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish

Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop will not only bring Huawei's open capabilities and cutting-edge technologies in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other fields to local enterprises, but also provide comprehensive developer services, empowerment Empower upstream and downstream partners and customers in the industrial chain to jointly build an open intelligent cloud service platform for Industry and build an intelligent manufacturing agent

how to empower? According to the plan of fertile soil plan 2.0, Huawei will focus on building an open source and open computing industry ecosystem based on Kunpeng and shengteng series chips in terms of products, and will gradually establish a broader open source and open community from OS to DB, from product services to development tool chain; Create a 360 degree all-round enabling system, from Huawei cloud online community to offline OpenLab, urban station developer salon, and even on-site personal services, so that developers can experience Huawei's support everywhere, and create a warm, meaningful and intelligent home for developers; Establish a more pragmatic industrial alliance, promote the construction of industrial standards, norms, demonstration sites and technical certification system, and jointly make the cake bigger; Build application ecology by industry and industrial ecology by region; Further cooperate with educational and scientific research institutions, so that every student can learn Kunpeng and shengteng computing technology, so that every scientific research institution can increase the strongest computing power

all this is also similar to the 2020 enterprise development companion plan under way in Jiangning Development Zone. According to the two special support policies of doubling benefits and helping technology enterprises take off, the enterprise development companion plan covers the development needs of enterprises at different stages of development, such as growth, maturity and leading enterprises, and covers the whole life cycle from project introduction, project construction, enterprise operation to development and expansion. Its market prospects are promising

as Hu houkun, vice chairman of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., said, this is a new era of great navigation in the computing industry. We expect thousands of sails to compete, not to forge ahead alone. Huawei (Nanjing) fertile soil workshop stretches, twists, tightens or pulls plastic material splines. The landing in Jiangning is just the beginning. Huawei hopes to work together with partners from all walks of life to seize historical opportunities and win a better tomorrow

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