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Huawei's ambition: intelligent device operating system

participated in Huawei's glory annual meeting a few days ago. Such an annual meeting is completely different from Huawei's style. The reason is full of professionalism, and today's fashion, youth and dynamic rhythm. You must have many different feelings

but at this meeting, many of the messages I conveyed were hllink and liteos. This truly reflects Huawei's ambition. At the same time, it is possible to change the whole grid so that the order of maintenance and installation lines cannot be reversed. Few people may be shocked by this incident today. I believe that in the next three years, the impact of this incident is far from a few products, nor a change in Huawei's style, but a preparation of great and far-reaching significance

as we all know, the operating system is the core of smart products such as PC, and it is also the foundation of the lowest level. As long as you master the operating system, you will be in a controlling position in the whole industry, and you can affect the survival and development of various applications. You can form the power of the whole cooperation, make your own operating system, and be at the top of the industrial chain. This is the goal pursued by all top enterprises. However, only a few enterprises can take off the crown pearl. It is not easy to make an operating system through the power of administration or enterprise. The most important thing is not technology, but promotion. It is the ability of others to accept you

we all know that a successful operating system in the world needs three points:

first, time is preconceived. That is, you must first cut into this field, make products, and the products are accepted earlier, so that you can occupy the dominant position in advance, and it will be more difficult for others to pry you in the future. PC operating system, when Microsoft occupied the main market of the operating system, although operating systems such as OS2 hoped to impact the Microsoft market, they all ended in failure. Today's operating system, China's technology may not have much difference, but Android is powerful, not only technology, it has occupied the vast majority, to replace it, it is difficult to be accepted by users

second, it can bring greater economic benefits for the first example of the factory: each time the load is applied, it can only reach a certain load, which is open. Like apple, making a system is only for its own use and product support, which only apple can do. The operating system must be open and support large C. dual reports: products and devices with a full amount of open user reports, which are proved from windows to Android

the third is the user experience that adapts to the development of terminals. It's not enough to take the lead and be open. The operating system must adapt to the development of terminals. We all know that windows is very powerful on PC, and Microsoft is also ahead in the research and development of operating system. It once occupied most of the market, and finally was basically driven out of the operating system market. A big reason is that in the earliest idea, the idea of Windows Phone still copied the idea of PC, and there is no need to adapt. IOS and Android are completely different in this regard

from the development of the world's operating system, we can also see that when an industry develops normally, the subsequent operating system is basically impossible to compete for the successful operating system market opportunity. There are many people who want to compete in the windows market, but no one can really compete. But when the terminal device turns to intelligence, even Microsoft itself gets up early, but loses the market opportunity. The important reason is, The past system cannot meet the needs of new terminals, but a traditional operating system company must have old traces, and it is difficult to get rid of the shackles of the past

terminal conversion is the opportunity for a new operating system

in the future, we are changing from an Internet era to an intelligent Internet era. Terminals are not only, but also will have more new terminals. These terminals will be very different from. The operating system of intelligent terminals requires small size, low power consumption and new interaction. Because many intelligent terminal products, such as glasses and bracelets, are very small devices. The so-called "an inch of land is worth an inch of money". A large volume operating system must occupy more storage and computing costs. It must be small in size, and the battery of these devices cannot be very large. Naturally, the power consumption should be low. There are also interactions that use the screen to move. In fact, the effect may not be good, and new interaction capabilities are also needed. This means that the system cannot adapt to intelligent devices

Huawei's liteos is only about 10KB, and all intelligent devices can be connected through one platform through hilink communication protocol. IOT chip can provide more support for intelligent devices. This ambition is huge, and it may be a very complex and difficult task to compete for the operating system in the field, but in intelligent devices, we should make our own operating system at the beginning, and form the industrial chain and supporting capacity through a variety of capabilities. How many enterprises in the world do it today? At this level, Huawei has taken a huge lead, and the opportunities in this market are far beyond the PC market

smart device operating system is ambitious and exciting

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