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Huawei's ICT ecological trip to China is about to enter Jinling in 2017. Introduction: with the dream of digital transformation, we are determined to be the soil and energy of ICT ecology. Huawei's ICT ecological trip to China 2017 will deliver Huawei's ecological concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results to Nanjing, the ancient capital of Six Dynasties; The leading and open ICT infrastructure platform will be presented as a bit of experience to bring to every participant. Huawei is willing to focus on customers and gather ecological resources to form a more open and cooperative ecosystem; Taking platform + as a part of Volvo car group, ecological C. disc burst two wheel drive, to build the core competitiveness in the era of digital transformation. Let us live together, build a prosperous ecosystem and achieve each other

in March, due to the gathering -- Co partner, Huawei China ecological Partner Conference 2017 was successfully concluded in Changsha. Huawei's ecological concept has also been nurtured and grown in Jiangsu. Huawei will work with ecological elites in various fields to build a digital transformation community of customers + Partners + Huawei with the ecological concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results, so as to jointly grasp the reform opportunities of the ICT market and share the ecological achievements

Huawei's ICT eco trip to China 2017 Nanjing station, also themed by gathering, will kick off at Jinling Hotel on May 11. At that time, Huawei will work with customers and ecological partners to show ICT innovation achievements under the ecological strategy. Next, let's enjoy the highlights of this activity first

new booth, beauty and strength coexist

the booth of this ICT ecological trip Nanjing station activity will be built by Huawei and partners, aiming to present the solution results of multiple industries and scenarios. Including 14 display modules, such as smart city, safe city, smart IOT, smart government, smart education, and digital finance, it will show you a magnificent ICT blueprint with both beauty and strength

keynote speech, achievement sharing

the main forum in the morning will bring rich keynote speeches by customers + Partners + Huawei. Among them, Huawei will introduce the trend that the industry cloud will become the new driving force of China's economy, the important role of cloud networking in the process of enterprise digital transformation, and the new product release of elte broadband and broadband wireless IOT solution. At the same time, Intel and Beijing Zhongruan International Information Technology Co., Ltd. will bring us many wonderful sharing as representatives of Huawei's ecological partners

four sub forums, with partners' suggestions

in the afternoon, experts in various fields will conduct in-depth exchanges with ecological partners to collide with the spark of wisdom. Among them, the government industry sub forum will share how ICT technology can help government transformation and innovation; The sub forum of the education industry will discuss smart campus solutions such as interactive classes, course couplets, and educational hyperintegration; The service sub forum will discuss hot topics such as ICT talent training and employment; The storage innovation technology forum will give us insight into the future of storage technology in the industry when new products are released

get together and innovate, get together and open, get together and prosper. Huawei China ICT ecological trip 2017, meet you in Nanjing to witness the ecological prosperity together

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