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Liu Gong appeared in Lancang River

Liu Gong appeared in Lancang Mekong national economic and technological exposition

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from July 13 to 16, the second Lancang Mekong national economic and technological exposition was grandly held in diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As one of the enterprises with the largest exhibition area this time, Liugong with the new H-series 856 loader and E-Series 922 should pay attention to the difference between the oil leakage of the joint plastic tensile testing machine and the oil leakage of the cylinder plug. Excavators, road rollers 6122e and forklifts CPCD30 as well as 5 professional equipment of the professional stone forklift clgf200 independently developed and manufactured by Liugong appeared at the Expo. Among them, Liugong F200 forklift truck is the first time to be exhibited in overseas exhibitions. Previously, Liugong fork truck loading has successfully assisted the marble mining and handling work of the Cambodian quarrying Association. Its strong bearing capacity, simple and flexible handling performance and high adaptability under harsh construction conditions have been highly praised by users

since the first Lancang Mekong cooperation foreign ministers' meeting was held in November 2015, six countries in the Lancang Mekong basin, including China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, have carried out more in-depth and extensive economic cooperation and exchanges. At the same time, Mekong River Basin countries are also important countries along the "the Belt and Road economic belt", attracting a large amount of business investment. The development of both urban infrastructure and traditional industries requires the support of engineering machinery and technology. With its superior geographical location, Liugong is one of the first enterprises to carry out economic and trade cooperation with countries in the region

Liugong Yatai subsidiary was established in 2011 to provide customers in Asia Pacific (except China) and Oceania with a full range of construction machinery equipment and solutions that are easy to operate and easy to maintain. Liugongya Prince company is headquartered in Singapore, accounting for 3700 square meters. In addition to the office area, it is also equipped with a complete machine and accessories warehouse and liugongcummins training center. After years of intensive cultivation, Liugong Asia Pacific 1. After the transformation, various controlled tensile tests (stress-strain tests) 1. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them, and the parameters can be automatically calibrated; The company has set up distribution systems in 15 countries in the region, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Together with Liugong Asia Pacific Company, they focus on developing and selling construction machinery products suitable for local construction and geographical and climatic environment, and provide professional and convenient after-sales services

since the country put forward the "the Belt and Road" construction initiative, Liugong has made great achievements in the Mekong River Basin's China Laos and China Thailand railway projects, China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline laying and other engineering projects with strong and reliable equipment, professional and fast after-sales service, and a good customer base accumulated through years of market cultivation. (this article is from Liu Gong)

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