Behind the hottest decoration market in Nanjing, t

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Behind the hot decoration market in Nanjing: the transformation of the home decoration industry is more than enough

behind the hot decoration market in Nanjing: the transformation of the home decoration industry is more than enough

December 21, 2015

[China paint information] decoration, namely "overall decoration", is an overall household solution that runs through all links such as design, material selection and construction. The whole home decoration can provide consumers with one-stop home decoration services, which can not only unify the whole home material style, but also save consumers time and worry

in recent years, decoration companies have sprung up in Nanjing. The industry generally attributes the reason to a large number of just needed home buyers - they emphasize the highest quality of decoration within the limited price, and the decoration mode is the product that best meets the requirements

it saves time and effort. Rigid demand owners prefer overall decoration.

the whole decoration can be said to be the decoration mode covering the most complete projects at present. 1. The maximum force range of general single arm tensile testing machine is often used: 1n/5n/10n/20n/50n/100n/200n/500n/1000n/2000n/5000n and other options, which eliminates the trouble of letting owners run the decoration market repeatedly. Because it can save time and effort for owners, this model is quite attractive for owners who just need to decorate their first suite. At present, the decoration mode has begun to dominate the rigid decoration market. "More and more owners have chosen the whole decoration mode, especially the young people who just need it. They usually have to work and have no time to buy building materials. The whole decoration is undoubtedly the most suitable for them. We are interested in this market." Meng, manager of creative decoration, told me. Recently, the 699 yuan/square meter package they launched won the sales champion of decoration on the double 11

"after the comprehensive service advantage of decoration is highlighted, rigid demand owners can obtain worry and labor-saving decoration through the decoration service, and it is natural to act as the main consumption force of rigid demand market." Zhao, manager of zhenkungfu decoration, said, "what rigid owners need most is time, so the integrated service can naturally impress them. 2. The catalogue of foreign investment advantageous industries in the central and western regions. Basically, eight owners who come to me for decoration choose to decorate."

compared with previous years, the packaged price has also decreased this year, because many large companies are fighting a price war. "Large companies such as No. 1, Shichuang and Dongyirisheng are launching low-cost all inclusive packages, which puts great pressure on small companies like us, so we can only reduce prices." Manager Zhao Zhengong complained

the products are rich, and the decoration effect is no longer the same

in fact, as the overall decoration developed from the all inclusive decoration, the biggest weakness before was the large number of homogenization of products and the lack of characteristics. In the past year or two, through continuous improvement and innovation, packaged products of different companies have different styles and characteristics

for example, foreign home decoration focuses on the so-called "German standard project", which claims to apply the German standard material system, the German standard process system, the German standard quality system, and the German standard environmental system to home decoration, and comprehensively upgrade the painting, water and electricity, waterproof, ceiling, woodwork, moisture-proof and mildew resistant, anti cracking, sound insulation, setting out, inlaying, coating, and ecological glue processes, so as to realize environmental protection and decoration

Internet decoration companies such as home decoration e-station and creative decoration have also fully entered the whole decoration market, and have launched all inclusive prices such as 100000 or 699 yuan/square meter for 100 square meters. And self built or integrated decoration team; Standardized decoration process; Establish various certification home decoration systems

behind the scenery, the foam has also emerged

like the real estate market, behind the heat, the crazy injection of capital makes the whole packaging market look good, but it also produces a foam

for example, Beijing zimingju decoration Nanjing Branch, which is known as the leader of one-stop overall home furnishing, has exposed the scandal of its boss running away with money this year. After entering the Nanjing market, zimingju decoration did not rise like a number of major Beijing style companies, and negative news appeared in the newspapers. This time, after the news that the material person in charge is the only one who does not fall in intensity and runs away with the money came out, it was exposed that the background of his Beijing company is also illusory

after the booming first half of the year, home decoration began to see a large number of designers changing jobs, resulting in a large number of projects being forced to postpone, and the market reputation plummeted

manager Gu of new Aihua decoration believes that "this phenomenon is caused by blindly following the trend and not positioning correctly. Although the packaging market is large, not every company is suitable for it."


decoration will become an intelligence intensive industry

with the improvement of customers' requirements for decoration services, the physical home decoration mode and service that meet customers' needs of focusing on quality, advocating personality and pursuing fashion, easy home decoration and bag check-in are increasingly favored by customers. In the next few years, China's home decoration industry is bound to produce one for hydraulic system cooling; With the second largest reshuffle, traditional companies are either transformed or eliminated, and the internal pattern of the home decoration industry is undergoing great changes. Manager Zhang of golden housekeeper decoration said, "products without bright spots can no longer be favored by the decoration public, which forces home decoration companies to accelerate the integration to launch a service model suitable for the needs of different owners. For example, the emergence of a large number of decoration companies shows that the transformation of the industry has begun."

"in the future, the home decoration industry will be far away from the original format of carpentry and Mason. Home decoration not only covers many fields such as construction, design, building materials, wooden doors, cabinets, furniture, but also has become an integrator of central air conditioning, smart home, water treatment and other home systems. It has increasingly become an intelligence intensive service project." Zhang Ren, Secretary General of the home decoration Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, believes that

some insiders believe that in the future, decoration companies will do more consultation, design, management, integration of resources, monitoring of project quality and aftercare services, rather than direct construction. The business system structure of the home decoration company will be changed: the business personnel are responsible for customer marketing, the designer is only responsible for design services, the construction project is managed by the company's project manager, and the quota management form is adopted instead of the original contract awarding form. All materials and furniture in the construction are provided by the company in a unified manner, and F2C (from factory to consumer) is achieved as far as possible

is the overall decoration just a transitional product

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