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Liuliehong: six typical models emerged in the integration and innovation of industrial interconnection

on October 18, liuliehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the 2020 global industrial interconnection conference. During the conference, liuliehong said that in the past year, the Ministry of industry and information technology has thoroughly implemented the innovation and development strategy of industrial interconnection. In accordance with the requirements of coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, it has worked with all parties to pool intelligence and rapidly promote the construction of three major systems: network, platform and security. The new infrastructure of industrial interconnection has achieved a series of phased and landmark results, with steadily enhanced security capabilities and unprecedented integration and innovation, Industrial ecology is booming

Liu Liehong pointed out that in the past year, the integration and innovation of industrial interconnection has been unprecedented active, and its application has covered more than 30 key industries of the national economy, and six typical models have emerged

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first, digital research and development. The popularity of digital research and development design tools in Enterprises above designated size has exceeded 71%. Based on new technologies such as digital twins, leading enterprises have organically combined numbers, experience and technology, greatly improving the efficiency of research and development

second, intelligent production. Industrial interconnection promotes the extensive interconnection of sensing equipment, production devices, control systems and management systems, realizes intelligent production control and intelligent operation management decisions, and forms a production mode of high quality, high efficiency and zero inventory. The NC rate of key processes of Enterprises above designated size exceeds 51%

the third is networking and collaboration. Industrial interconnection integrates a wider range of resources such as design, production, supply chain and sales service, and realizes the dynamic optimal allocation of the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain Pin tray: it is composed of one pin and tray to improve the development level of industrial chain and supply chain

fourth, personalized customization. Industrial interconnection promotes the deep interaction between enterprises and users, which can flexibly organize and design manufacturing resources and production processes, realizing mass customization under low-cost conditions and meeting the diversified needs of the market

fifth, service-oriented extension. Industrial interconnection realizes the remote interconnection and data analysis of intelligent products and equipment, forms the functions of product traceability, detection, predictive maintenance, and expands the value space of enterprises

sixth, lean management, based on comprehensive connection, regional coordination and global optimization, improves the efficiency of operation and management, and improves the level of real-time decision support. Leading enterprises have significantly reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved quality through joint innovation through industrial interconnection. During the epidemic period, industrial interconnection played an important role in the connection of material supply and demand and remote services, providing strong support for winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic

Liu Liehong pointed out that 2020 is the decisive year for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the end of the 13th five year plan and the layout of the 14th five year development plan. The Ministry of industry and information technology adheres to the new development concept and will continue to deepen the innovative development strategy of industrial interconnection in four aspects

first, improve the policy system and promote innovative development. Formulate and release the action plan for the innovation and development of industrial interconnection, and clarify the key tasks and key projects in the new stage. Promote the pilot demonstration work with high quality, and select a number of replicable and replicable development models and typical application scenarios. Promote the construction of industrial interconnection industry demonstration bases at a high level, and encourage all regions to increase policy support

second, expand the industrial ecosystem and promote integrated development. Strengthen the construction of three major systems of industrial interconnection network, platform and security, further promote the "5g+ industrial interconnection 512 project promotion plan", strengthen the R & D, innovation and industrialization of key technologies such as time sensitive network, digital twins and knowledge map, improve the industrial support capacity, and promote the extension of industrial interconnection to all fields of the real economy. Vigorously promote the six new models, accelerate the digital transformation of traditional industries, and cultivate and expand new drivers

third, adhere to the combination of technology and management to promote safe development. The safety and development of industrial interconnection are planned, constructed and operated synchronously, the main body of the tensile experiment industry of enterprise steel bar arc welding head is implemented, the innovation and breakthrough of safety supply are strengthened, and the ability of safety technology guarantee is continuously enhanced. The equipment safety, control safety, network safety, platform safety and data safety under the condition of interconnection of all things are enhanced

fourth, deepening international cooperation and promoting the opening up of the use of plastic instead of copper has also been relatively mature. We should coordinate domestic and international situations, make good use of both international and domestic markets and resources, actively encourage enterprises and industrial organizations of all countries to participate in the development of China's Internet, jointly promote the cooperation of industrial Internet standard technology projects, promote the deep integration of domestic and foreign markets, and create a high-level industrial Internet open system

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