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Liu Feixiang attends the sap2015 China Summit: China railway construction heavy industry faces the digital transformation

Liu Feixiang attends the sap2015 China Summit: China railway construction heavy industry faces the digital transformation

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if it is unqualified, it displays the red word "unqualified" and sends out an alarm. On November, sap (a global provider of enterprise applications and solutions) held the 2015 China Summit entitled "simplicity and momentum" at Beijing international trade, Industrial leaders, economists and ideological elites are invited to gather together to extensively discuss how to follow China's "Internet +", intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, and made in China 2025 in the digital economy era, deeply understand the new normal of the economy, gain insight into digital needs, grasp the pulse of the market, and maintain an extraordinary strategy in the new round of industrial reform

Liu Feixiang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China railway construction heavy industry group, was invited to attend the summit and participated in the special forum on the road to intelligent manufacturing transformation in the "Internet +" era as a dialogue VIP. Business leaders and heavyweight guests from COMAC, XCMG, heli and Guanghui talked with Chairman Liu and the head of SAP Greater China discrete manufacturing industry group to discuss the mode exploration and industrial practice of cloud smart manufacturing, cloud e-commerce and cloud platform

Chairman Liu Feixiang clearly stated in the forum that the "interconnection + Intelligent Manufacturing" action plan of railway construction heavy industry focuses on product intelligence and service intelligence. Based on the market call and 5. Mask synthetic blood penetration tester; Customer demand is driven by two sources. Through intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management, intelligent products and services will be truly implemented in the underground high-end equipment industry of railway construction. Enterprises have deeply understood the connotation of "Internet + Intelligent Manufacturing". As a pilot unit of SAP high-tech products, they will face and embrace digital transformation

on the day of the meeting, Liu Feixiang, Secretary of the board of directors Shen Zhifang, and assistant to the future president Liu Dan visited Accenture China Co., Ltd., a well-known SAP implementer headquartered in Beijing, and visited and learned about Accenture's virtual product exhibition hall and its digital mining and analysis products. The two sides had face-to-face exchanges and communication on the top-level design, basic technology and operation ideas of the railway construction open innovation cloud platform, and looked forward to further refining the cooperation, which mainly tests the fatigue performance framework and implementation plan of production materials. Liu Feixiang and markgibbs, President of SAP Greater China, had an in-depth discussion on the possible strategic cooperation between the two sides. Markgibbs said that SAP will spare no effort to support the digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing and open innovation of CRCC heavy industry

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