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Liugong 862 has been in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. The story of Liugong 862 loader's affinity with Saudi Arabia starts with Saudi Arabia's most famous oil industry

as we all know, Saudi Arabia is a country with oil as its economic support. In Saudi Arabia, oil field forking, oil refining and petrochemical, and oil pipe laying projects are everywhere

as one of the important partners in the oil industry, Sinopec Group has been deeply involved in Saudi Arabia for many years and has extremely strict requirements for engineering equipment. 12 years ago, when Sinopec International Transportation Project Department was looking for a loader that can be equipped with forks and booms for the relocation of drilling equipment, through market research and multi-party investigation, it was determined to select Liugong 8. You can visit our company's machine 62 loader locally. Liugong delivered the first batch of 862 loaders to the Saudi market and applied them to the oil well transportation project. Since then, the cooperation between Liugong and Sinopec Saudi Arabia company has been officially carried out

Liugong 862 won high praise when it fought in Saudi Arabia.

it has been 12 years since the first batch of Liugong 862 loaders entered Saudi Arabia in 2007. The average working hours of the equipment are more than 30000 hours. All the complete machines are still in site service, which is inseparable from the good maintenance of customers and the service guarantee of Liugong

in 12 years, it is impossible for the equipment to have no problems, but how to solve problems quickly is the key. For example, the customer fed back that the configured fork with moderate price had a poor view of operation, and the fork tip could not be seen during fork loading. The service personnel discussed countermeasures with the customer on the site, and adopted a temporary scheme to install a camera to assist the operation. At the same time, they fed back to Liugong for R & D and improvement, developed a through shaft fork with longer fork body and better structural strength, and shipped it to Saudi Arabia for customer replacement; The temporary plan can make a good transition without affecting the customer's project construction. The improved forks make the customer feel the real action of Liu Gong and leave a good impression on the customer. We also pay regular attention to the maintenance of the equipment. All engineers at Stanford University describe their work in science, saying that the equipment is maintained on time and has maintenance records; So far, the whole machine has not been overhauled, but has been repaired. Through laser 3D printing technology, 3D models with high intensity and accurate accuracy can be made, and the performance of the whole machine is still strong

the professional maintenance of the equipment also benefits from the fact that the customer can pay attention to the running state of the equipment for a long time and put forward many practical improvement suggestions in combination with the working conditions of the project. This is more convenient for us to repair and prolong the service life of the equipment. The communication and coordination between us and our customers over the past 12 years, as well as the affirmation and suggestions of each other on products and services, have also upgraded the trust of both sides

word of mouth transmission and re order

25 Liugong 862 loaders at the customer's construction site are still running, with an average working condition record of more than 30000 hours, an average fuel consumption of 18l/h, and no overhaul of the whole machine. Up to now, Liugong's products still have a good performance on the battlefield, which makes Liugong's products win a good reputation in the Saudi oil working conditions

in 2019, the project Department of the customer's brother unit needed earthwork equipment. With the introduction of the customer, a total of 9 equipment, including 3 320 bulldozers, 2 612h rollers and 4 862 loaders, were finally signed, and there was potential demand for the second phase of the project. At the same time, in response to the needs of the project, old customers are also considering purchasing new equipment. Over the past 12 years, through communication and coordination, customers have given full affirmation to our products and services, and the trust between the two sides of the cooperation has also been constantly upgraded

in the future, Liugong will continue to be committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, people-oriented, creating the best interests for customers as the goal, deeply cultivate overseas markets, and win more public praise, customers and international markets

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