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Liugong 2021 "customer care trip" service visit into Henan

on April 9, 2021, witnessed by hundreds of excavator customers, the Liugong excavator exclusive customer visit activity Henan station departure ceremony was grandly opened. With full enthusiasm, first-class technology and sincere attitude, we will provide customers with high-quality and efficient services to successfully complete the task of Henan war zone. The sonorous declaration of the service soldiers made the customers present feel very relieved about Liu Gong's service

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△ the exhibition site was crowded

Liugong exclusive Henan station

△ Liugong service vehicle was officially launched

Liang Weitian, general manager of Henan Ruiyuan Liugong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., said at the launch ceremony that in addition to the above situation, Liugong invested 10 service experts in the transportation process and 7 well-equipped service vehicles, including Luoyang, Nanyang, Yuzhou Jiaozuo and other places enjoy more than 50 equipment from customers to provide complete machine health inspection, equipment health management and other services

△ Liang Weitian, general manager of Henan Ruiyuan Liugong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.

sent a limited edition "early bird" reward package to the initial supporters. A set of drill press version shred buddy speech

no matter at any time, anywhere, Liugong always pays attention to the interests of customers, is always responsible for customers, adheres to service commitments, brings considerate services that exceed industry standards to customers, and achieves service goals that exceed customer expectations! President Liang said that in the future, all Liugong people will take practical and practical actions to fulfill Liugong's service promise. Liugong's excellent service engineers and complete and efficient service facilities are the confidence that Liugong can provide good service guarantee to the majority of excavator customers

△ Liu Gong's service guarantee car departing in a mighty manner

the powerful and mighty Liu Gong's service guarantee car enables customers to see Liu Gong's strength and attitude in service. There are two chuck degrees in the installation. Liugong service guarantee vehicle is a mobile maintenance service station for excavator maintenance work. The vehicle has generator sets, electric welding machines, air compressors, oil filters, cranes, air cannons, car washing machines and intelligent diagnostic equipment, which can carry out maintenance and guarantee work for Liugong excavator in an emergency. It can be called a small aviation in the field of after-sales service. It has become a recognized no 2 choice Mothership for customers and escorts the cause of Liugong excavator customers

2021 Liugong exclusive meeting customer service visit activity, the visit members are led by Liugong manufacturer service engineers, leading experienced service personnel to go deep into the customer site to provide customers with comprehensive and multi-dimensional high-quality services such as hardware inspection, maintenance knowledge training, difficult problem handling, demand response, etc

△ service engineers do equipment maintenance for customers

Liugong service visit activity began in 2008. Since Liugong put forward the concept of serving users wholeheartedly, every year, it will send thousands of service experts and more than 1000 service vehicles to carry out equipment maintenance and customer care, provide equipment maintenance and repair, leftover problem handling, and provide competitive accessory services for nearly 100000 customers. Nowadays, the service visit activity has become a unique label of Liugong service

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