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Liu Hanru: implement major adjustments to ensure the three-year development of Valin Xingma

Liu Hanru: implement major adjustments to ensure the three-year development of Valin Xingma

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Guide: in the next three to five years, Valin Xingma must achieve an average annual growth of 30% to 50%, otherwise it may be acquired and merged! At the 2014 annual business meeting of Valin Xingma automobile group, Liu Hanru, chairman of the company, made an astonishing remark. In 2014, the heavy truck market may only 720000 vehicles in a complex economic form

"in the next three to five years, Valin Xingma must achieve an average annual growth of 30% to 50%, otherwise it may be acquired!" At the 2014 annual business meeting of Valin Xingma automobile group, Liu Hanru, chairman of the company, made an astonishing remark

the heavy truck market in 2014 may be only 720000 vehicles

"under the complex economic situation, there are many uncertain factors in 2014, so we should think more fully of the difficulties." Speaking of 2014, Liu Hanru showed his concern

Liu Hanru believes that the price reduction of Hangzhou housing market has affected the national property market, and the heavy truck market has not been fully launched by March; After the withdrawal of the United States from QE, it will lead to the appreciation of the RMB, which will also affect China's housing market and stock market, and the economic uncertainty will further increase. Therefore, he reminded the dealers of Valin Xingma to pay attention to finance, financial dynamics and changes in the economic situation

secondly, Liu Hanru believes that this year's "two sessions" will continue to deepen reform. The government's transformation of functions, decentralization of examination and approval power, and promotion of marketization are all favorable factors, which will inevitably release a lot of development space. How can we grasp this opportunity? Dealers need to "sell when it's time to sell" to seize the market, and Valin Xingma will continue to support dealers to grow

thirdly, with the increase of haze weather and increasingly serious environmental pollution, the government will pay more attention to environmental protection, which is also a market opportunity. "The demand for sanitation vehicles and mixer trucks is increasing, and the elimination of yellow standard vehicles in major cities will also be an opportunity. At present, the major cities that are about to eliminate yellow standard vehicles are Shanghai, Changsha and so on."

to sum up, Liu Hanru predicts that the heavy truck market in 2014 will not be tepid, and there will be no sharp decline or rise. "The sales volume of heavy trucks in 2014 will be between 720000 and 780000."

"in 2013, the second camp disappeared, and the gap between the original third camp and the first camp was obvious. As the third camp, the pressure of Valin Xingma suddenly increased." The new changes in the heavy truck market last year also gave Liu Hanru a sense of urgency. Therefore, he believes that Valin Xingma is automatically calculated by the computer according to the experimental parameters and conditions set at the beginning of the experiment. If it wants to continue to survive and increase Jiangsu by 30 yuan/ton, it must achieve an annual sales volume of 80000-100000 vehicles in the next three to five years

vigorously expand logistics vehicles and the northern market

how will Valin Xingma layout the future heavy truck market? Liu Hanru said, "we suggest dealers to work harder on logistics vehicles."

compared with the previous Valin Xingma, its advantage is in the mixer and engineering vehicle market. He believes that domestic investment projects are shrinking. Coupled with the serious real estate foam, the demand for mixer and engineering vehicles has decreased, and the heavy truck market will no longer grow as fast as in previous years. However, he believes that the logistics vehicle industry will develop rapidly, especially for the transportation of vegetables, grain and household appliances

"Valin's logistics products are very mature and stable. Under the condition that the highway is not overloaded, it is recommended that users use models with low speed; under the condition of high speed, due to the low speed ratio, the engine speed is below 1600rpm, which is more fuel-efficient. Our product speed ratios are 3.3, 3.1 and 3.04 for users to choose." Liu Hanru continued

he revealed that this year, Valin Xingma will launch two new models, mainly for the logistics vehicle market. The first is a medium-sized car smaller than Valin star, equipped with four cylinder Yuchai, Shangchai and Hanma power engines. "Fuel consumption and environmental protection announcements are now being published, followed by the announcement of the cab. It is expected to start selling in June and July this year."

another new model will be a new platform. The cab shape of this model is narrower than that of Valin heavy truck and wider than that of xingkaima. It is also designed according to lightweight standards, but the internal space is larger than that of Valin heavy truck. Generally, it needs to be replaced every 6 months, and it is arranged according to European standards. "It is expected that this model will be introduced into the market in one or two months."

the upcoming Valin heavy truck

will provide data to predict the results of these innovations. Liu Hanru revealed that from early March to the end of April this year, Valin Xingma will broadcast new car advertisements on CCTV. "It will be broadcast on the first set, the second set and the channel of the central government, which is divided into two periods, namely, after 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m."

in addition to large-scale advertising, Valin starma will hold 100 exhibition tours and promotional activities in prefecture level cities across the country this year. He reminded dealers to do some preparatory work in advance, "we should sell more cars from March to June, and publicize more from July to August, so as to prepare for 2015."

in addition, Liu Hanru also announced that Valin Xingma will vigorously expand the northern market in 2014. "The northern region is the main market for heavy trucks, and the competition is the most fierce. Valin Xingma has experienced fierce competition in the southern market, and its products have passed the test and achieved certain success. In particular, Hanma power, axle and gearbox have been recognized by users. It is time to vigorously expand the northern market."

Liu Hanru revealed that before the Spring Festival this year, a major adjustment was made within Valin Xingma automobile group, and a new round of adjustment was made in the high-level, middle-level, sales companies and after-sales service system. "70% to 80% of the middle level of the company have been adjusted, and 40% to 50% of the top level have been adjusted; from the perspective of structure, we have set up the mixer department, special vehicle department and key customer department within the sales company, and also set up Kaima auto parts Service Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the after-sales service and spare parts production and sales of Valin Xingma."

in terms of marketing system, Liu Hanru believes that it is very difficult to recruit excellent marketing personnel, and it is also very slow to cultivate experienced marketing personnel, so Valin Xingma only "revitalizes the stock". "We have reformed the incentive mechanism, rewarded the advanced, eliminated the last, and further activated the marketing system."

"before the Spring Festival, everything in the company has been straightened out. Taking advantage of this annual business meeting, we will let all new leaders meet with you. The people who manage quality, purchase, delivery and docking have changed. The original correct policy will continue to be adhered to; where reform is needed, continue to reform." Liu Hanru added at the meeting

he hoped that through the unprecedented competition and reform within Valin Xingma, the employees of the company would change their thoughts and concepts. "Therefore, the production and sales target of Valin Xingma in 2014 is 30000 vehicles, which is not empty slogans. There must be great development this year."

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