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Behind the popularity of AI: generate business value for users

at present, I'm afraid I can't find a concept as popular as AI robots. Even at the time of the national celebration of the Spring Festival, robots are in the limelight, from Google master's 60 game victory over the top go players in China, Japan and South Korea, to Lee Kaifu's argument that "AI will replace 50% of the work", to the new industrial policy of the UK, the new layout of Microsoft's AI, and the launch of people's robot "Xiaorong". We can imagine the magnitude of the outbreak of artificial intelligence this year. How far is AI from our life? What is its core value? Does it really represent the next industrial revolution of human society

on the road of constant struggle between robots and humans, robots always appear as winners. Following the top go players in China, Japan and South Korea who won 60 games in the upgraded master of alpha dog years ago, the latest battle is that the artificial intelligence system libratus of Carnegie Mellon University defeated four world-class Texas poker players in a 20 day fierce battle, which is interpreted as a new peak of artificial intelligence technology. Previously, at the scene of Jiangsu Satellite TV's variety show "the strongest brain", baidu AI robot Xiaodu completely crushed three powerful human players

apart from the entertainment of the topic of confrontation between robots and humans, what robots can bring to humans and what value they can create is a question worthy of in-depth consideration. As one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence, Li Kaifu's speech at the wonderful flower conference made everyone present feel ashamed. In his view, in the next 10 years, 50% of human work will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will do better than human beings in the repetitive work of traders, assistants, secretaries and intermediaries. For example, robots can read financial reports, read to determine which stocks are most likely to rise today, and so on

according to Zhuang min, chairman of baoqianli group, robot is not only a product, but also a system, which is highly autonomous and intelligent. As a system, like human beings, robots are the fusion of many intelligent organs. Through the interaction of perception, cognition, decision-making, execution and feedback, they constantly interact with the environment and human beings, so that the task can finally be perfectly realized

the concept of artificial intelligence is hot, and governments and enterprises work together

since 2016, artificial intelligence and robots have become the themes of major financial summits and science and technology forums, and also occupy the headlines of major media pages. No matter government departments, industry elites and technology giants, AI will be the focus of future development

according to media reports, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the "modern industrial strategy" of the British government in the future at a meeting on the purchase of tensile testing machines. The proposal of this strategy stems from the fact that "technologies such as robots and artificial intelligence may take millions of jobs in the global market". WEF (World Economic Forum) estimates that these technologies may "reduce" 5million jobs by 2020. Therefore, the thinking logic of the British government this time seems to want to start first and help realize the AI and Robot Revolution, rather than become its victim

with the enhancement of chip computing power and the proposal of advanced algorithms, the application of artificial intelligence will accelerate. More and more technology giants and start-ups hope to seize the opportunity in the bonus period, and step up their deployment in the field of artificial intelligence through their own research and development and acquisition, hoping to take the lead in this field. So, from the current market, what companies are there in the AI industry chain

first of all, there are chip giants in computing processing and information storage, such as Intel, NVIDIA and other companies. They are at the top of this field and provide computing processing capabilities and related solutions for the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. They determine the depth of the development of artificial intelligence. The second is the original data acquisition parties in the big data industry chain, including operators, bat, Microsoft, Google and other companies that control the Internet access. They master the data resources necessary for machine learning, which determines the breadth of the development of artificial intelligence. In addition, there are R & D groups of artificial intelligence technology, including leading companies and teams in the fields of autonomous driving, deep learning, speech recognition and image recognition, such as baoqianli video technology group. Based on the competitive advantage of precision opto electromechanical imaging + bionic intelligent algorithm, the group plans the intelligent interconnection + strategy with platform intelligent robot as the entrance, starts a new business model, provides intelligent robot + Baixing Baixing for traditional industries, supports the development industry solutions of China's aerospace manufacturing industry, and creates a cross-border intelligent interconnection full marketing platform

however, the research and development of artificial intelligence requires continuous investment and data accumulation to continuously improve the realization of its functions. The feedback of machine learning on data will increase the quantity and quality of data acquisition, and the huge high-quality data will further accelerate the efficiency and effect of machine learning, forming a virtuous circle. Therefore, the leading companies in this field will be more advanced at the beginning, while the disadvantaged companies will be gradually eliminated, and finally form a few oligopoly

the latest Dabao commercial robot launched by baoqianli bitun technology is equipped with intelligent applications (APPs) and service systems, connected to the Internet entrance, and has functions such as interactive screen, video data collection and feedback, human-computer interaction, face recognition, artificial intelligence voice interaction, information release and push. It is an intelligent entity terminal that can connect online and offline platforms with the cloud platform for synchronous interaction and analysis of big data

strong market demand has forced the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology.

with the continuous rise of China's labor costs and the deepening of industrial transformation and upgrading, the need for robots and complete sets of automation equipment has increased year by year. In recent years, intelligent technology has begun to enter a relatively mature and accelerated period. At the same time, the aging population and the disappearance of demographic dividends have also brought about a strong demand for machines to replace manpower. In the next 30 years, the main driving force for China's development will come from innovation dividends, because the advantage of low-cost labor has disappeared, and the strong market demand has forced the development of artificial intelligence technology

robot is one of the major technological inventions in the 20th century, and it can also be called the Pearl on the crown of manufacturing industry. At the same time, robots have become a high-tech that countries all over the world are striving to develop. The Reindustrialization of the United States, the revolution of the United States IOT, including the "industry 4.0" of the European Union, the rejuvenation strategy of Japan and the new robot revolution of Japan, as well as "made in China 2025", all mark that the world has entered a new stage of development. This stage is called the transformation of big intelligence, and the core is intellectualization. Robots will change our manufacturing mode and our way of life in the future. The importance of robots has reached an unprecedented level

in recent years, despite the rapid development of service robots, which have been highly recognized by the government and enterprises, there are also inevitable problems of focusing on single functions, single customer application scenarios, low viscosity and low frequency of use. To this end, baoqianli helps traditional enterprises realize offline and online integration through the mature technology of platform intelligent hardware + such as robots, vertical scene applications, and the historical and real data of millions of VIP groups. It can be said that baoqianli group connects hundreds of industries through "robot +" to break through industrial barriers, provide a benign development atmosphere for enterprises, and make science and technology truly serve enterprises and life. Baoqianli robot platform intelligent hardware + mode makes full use of scene marketing to help realize the commercial value of hundreds of industries. This mode changes the inherent habit of using screens as the main part, frees up both hands to establish a new voice scene mode based on the robot core large screen, and makes use of the vertical scene application in various sub sectors to finally realize the goal of hotel, catering, beauty, mother and baby, medical treatment, real estate, finance Scene extension and value improvement of pension and other industries

internationally, at present, the hot spots of AI innovation and entrepreneurship are still mainly concentrated in North America and Western Europe. China has added color to the metallographic laboratory! Research institutions and enterprises have not yet taken the lead on this new stage. However, with the advent of the era of big data, the real development of artificial intelligence has just begun. There is a great demand in the Chinese market. Whether from the perspective of technological innovation or business, artificial intelligence is an opportunity for China, a new opportunity to achieve leapfrog development

Mr. Zhuang min, chairman of baoqianli group, pointed out that as an intelligent platform system with the ability of perception, cognition, decision-making and action interaction, artificial intelligence robot, like intelligence, is no longer a single communication tool. It can seamlessly connect to hundreds of industries, such as welding robot, handling robot, home robot, business robot, automobile robot, disability robot, security robot, cleaning robot Underwater robots and so on, thus creating a prosperous industry with a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending

The new application technology represented by artificial intelligence is touching a new technological leap and integration, and also brings opportunities for China to overtake on curves. In this context, baoqianli has actively deployed artificial intelligence to enter all walks of life with intelligent robots, which has highlighted its advantages in the market and industry and seized a favorable position and opportunity in the industrial reform

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