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Liu Yuxin wore Yunjin on the Spring Festival Gala in Nanjing. 13 years ago, the hosts wore Yunjin

the Spring Festival Gala in the year of the monkey has ended. Careful audiences found that the opening "spring to bliss", how did the dress on the star look so familiar? Yes, Liu Yuxin's golden dress is from Nanjing Yunjin, and she once appeared in the "Nanjing week" of the 2015 Milan WorldExpo. After watching the Spring Festival Gala, I immediately contacted Wu Ying, the relevant person in charge of Nanjing Yunjin Research Institute, to understand that the idea of using biological materials and chemical polymers to make packaging materials in southern China is not new. The behind the scenes story of Beijing Yunjin's relationship with the Spring Festival Gala turns out that 13 years ago, Yunjin and the Spring Festival Gala also had a leading edge

Nanjing City flowers on the cloud brocade perform Oriental fashion

at the Spring Festival Gala, Liu Yuxin's golden dress attracted countless attention as soon as it appeared. "This is a high set dress from Laurence Xu Jixiang's cloud brocade show" landscape city forest "series of Expo Milan 'Nanjing week' 2015." Wu Ying told that after Yunjin made its debut at the Milan WorldExpo, many companies and stars came to ask for cooperation. This Spring Festival Gala is one of the cooperation

golden brocade and pure hand-made brocade fabrics are festive. "This theme is' mountain ', which combines cloud brocade with traditional Chinese culture and art of mountain, water, city and forest to interpret classical fashion from the East." According to Wu Ying, the dress is made of ice plum material of auspicious cloud brocade, which is bright yellow and full of noble spirit. It is woven with the city flower of Nanjing - plum blossom group. "The small and exquisite plum blossom reflects different luster with the change of light, or white or dark, emitting a weak blue light."

the most special color of the dress is the natural transition from dazzling bright yellow to fashionable silver. Large hand cut flowers with vivid butterflies make the whole dress full of vitality. "Because the brocade fabric is quite stiff, and the silver below is made of different materials, which will be softer. We are afraid that if we put it together, we will have different effects. It took a lot of effort to make the following shape come out." Wu Ying told that there were many problems in the process of making this dress. "At that time, Lawrence Xu's embroiderer was also there. We worked together to find a way, and finally made a one-stop effect."

13 years ago, the hosts of the Spring Festival Gala all wore brocade

not only Liu Yuxin, but also the famous singer Lei Jia, who sang "how I want to tell you" at the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the monkey, wore the high-end custom series dress that had appeared in the "Nanjing week" Brocade show of the 2015 Milan WorldExpo. On the white dress, black bamboo leaf embroidery made the finishing touch, which was quite a combination of Chinese and Western beauty

according to the interview, this is not the first time that Nanjing Yunjin appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, but the last time was 13 years ago. "In the 2003 spring festival gala, Ni Ping, Zhou Tao, Zhu Jun, Li Yong and other hosts all wore gowns made of Nanjing Yunjin to meet the audience." At that time, Nanjing brocade immediately became the focus of attention

"at that time, the director team found us and asked us to customize a suit for all the hosts. Not only these hosts, but also many hosts such as Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang. Some people wore it on other stages besides the Spring Festival Gala." Wu Ying introduced that since then, the costumes of the Spring Festival Gala were mostly solved by the hosts and artists themselves, so such cooperation gradually stopped. "However, after our Yunjin debut in Milan last year, more people learned about the beauty of Oriental fashion, so there was more cooperation."

seek breakthroughs and let Yunjin enter the lives of ordinary people

in addition to the Spring Festival Gala, Yunjin has been on many fashion shows, but Wu Ying told that this is not their ultimate goal, "let Yunjin not only stay on the stage of the show and Spring Festival Gala, but let more ordinary people wear it at ordinary times, and even wear Yunjin into any occasion, which is our original intention."

to this end, Yunjin Research Institute has been making efforts and improvements. It is reported that Nanjing Yunjin, Ming city wall, Kunqu Opera and other cultural elements with Nanjing characteristics will be unveiled at the 2016 London Design Festival "Nanjing week" which opens in September this year. "This design festival attaches great importance to design, and we will take more research and development of fabrics and technologies to the past." Wu Ying told that although many designers are now using the frequency converter of Yunjin electronic universal experimental machine, it plays a very important role in the experimental machine, "But among them, rhizome crops can reach more than 30%, and there is still room for improvement and breakthrough in the subsequent technical treatment, so that more people can wear them, and there will be no exaggeration of clothes with high gross profit margin in the high setting composite polyurethane adhesive industry on the show."

in addition to clothing, brocade will gradually enter the field of home decoration. "Home style works of art will also allow more people to take such brocade home."

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