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Liu qiangdong announced that the call center donated more than 100million yuan to his hometown has become Suqian industry

CEO of JD group Liu qiangdong announced that he donated more than 100million yuan to Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, with a range of 4% ⑴ 00% F.S. for local education and culture. The testing principle adopted is still impulse reflection, providing for the aged, helping the weak and helping the poor and other public welfare undertakings. previously set up a national customer service center, information technology park and cloud computing base in Suqian

according to, the total number of employees in Suqian of currently exceeds 6000. At the same time, has taken the lead in promoting rural e-commerce in Suqian, driving the transformation and upgrading of the local economy. Since 2016, has helped 3600 enterprises in Suqian achieve more than 700million yuan of e-commerce sales. Suyu District of Suqian City has also become a national rural e-commerce demonstration county (District) in, and it is the first in China to realize e-commerce services for all villages. also led a large number of call centers of Internet enterprises to settle in. Now, call centers have become an industry in Suqian, driving the employment of 20000 people and more than 2billion taxes, and inspiring a large number of Suqian children to return home for development and construction

Liu qiangdong said that the donation of more than 100million yuan to Suqian will be mainly used for local public welfare undertakings such as education, pension, culture and medical treatment, including the national fitness center and nursing home project for Suqian, which he revealed in an interview with CCTV. At the same time, the donation will also provide all-round assistance to the children of poor families in Suqian area in terms of education and major diseases caused by silicon nitride and nitrogen carbide. Liu qiangdong said that in the future, the donation of more than 10 so w2=0.05g2/hz billion yuan will be implemented one by one under the supervision and guidance of the local government

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