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Safety assurance measures in the operation area

(on the one hand) basic requirements

1 Establish a safety production system for personnel at all levels, and ensure that the production system from managers to workers is vertical to the end, without missing a link. The safety production of all functional departments and personnel shall be horizontal to the edge and everyone shall be responsible

2. Adhere to the "work with certificates" system, and carry out pre admission education for all construction personnel entering the site. The first is to assess the quality of admission personnel. Have the culture necessary for different levels of operation, and have legal labor procedures. Second, carry out safety knowledge education, safety skill training and safety awareness education for construction personnel. Enter the construction site after formal training and complete examination procedures. In addition, safety knowledge education should be carried out in combination with the changes of construction and production during the construction. It should be organized regularly to make everyone familiar with the technical safety measures, production discipline and operation standards of their own operation procedures. And shall pass the review of the enterprise's construction project or safety supervision department, obtain the safety operation approval certificate or certificate, and work with a certificate

3. The work with low safety factor should be standardized in the manufacturing industry, and the training should be strengthened and implemented to the operators

4. Obvious signs and warning signs shall be set at the construction site, mixing station, warehouse and oil depot

5. Construction personnel should wear badges, dress neatly and uniformly, and wear safety helmets if necessary

6. The safety leading group shall carry out general inspection, professional inspection and seasonal inspection for all work. And establish accident files. Once an accident occurs, analyze the cause of the accident, determine the nature of the accident, write an accident investigation report and accident corrective measures, and submit them to the supervising engineer (see attached table 11 for the safety assurance inspection procedure chart)

7. The project manager must order the components of the original manufacturer for replacement. The management department should set up full-time medical personnel and necessary medical equipment, and be equipped with special vehicles

8. The construction site, camp, material storage yard and equipment parking place shall be equipped with security personnel

9. Machinery and equipment should be deployed or rented in a scientific and timely manner, kept in good condition and placed orderly. Large equipment, such as mixing station, shall be put up with signs next to the machines and tools, indicating the name, specification, operation regulations, supporting capacity, main technical performance, operator qualification requirements, safety officer, safety requirements, person in charge, etc

(II) this project formulates safety construction management measures for beihei road conditions

1. Set up warning signs at the access roads for each construction (such as "construction ahead, 1 km away, warning signs for vehicles to slow down, speed limits of 60km, 40km, 20km, signs at intersections, etc.) To ensure that passing vehicles can see clearly to ensure driving safety

2. At night, five reflective road cones shall be placed at the entrance of the construction access road, and warning hazard lights shall be set, one on each side of the road

3. Each construction access road is arranged with a traffic safety facilitator holding a red and green command flag according to the construction situation to command the passage of construction vehicles. After ensuring that the beihei road passes correctly, it is enough to reach 1% accuracy from other vehicles. The construction vehicle mainly taught the structure, product performance and characteristics of the Extrusion board production equipment of gamma company Only vehicles with superior quality can drive on beihei road

4. The traffic director is also the cleaner at the construction access road, and is allocated with a broom and a shovel to clean up the soil on beihei road at any time, so as not to affect the normal traffic of vehicles on beihei road

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