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Safety assurance measures during shutdown

according to the on-site treatment decision (Qian) coal safety supervision responsibility Shui Zi [2013] No. (C-243) and the requirements of bide town safety supervision station, in order to ensure that there are no safety accidents in the mine during shutdown, strictly prevent the occurrence of coal mine safety accidents, resolutely prevent and contain major and above accidents, effectively prevent general accidents, and ensure that all control indicators of safety production in our mine are within the control range, To promote the continuous stability of the safety situation in our mine, this measure is formulated and implemented by relevant units

I. guiding ideology

adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", adhere to the organic unity of safety, quality, and efficiency, focus on strengthening and implementing the main body of the enterprise, take accident prevention as the main direction, take model production as the guarantee, and take scientific and technological progress as the support, earnestly implement various safety measures in our mine, treat both the symptoms and root causes, and comprehensively manage, effectively prevent and resolutely contain major and major accidents, Promote the synchronous and coordinated development of mine safety and economic benefits

II. Establishment of organization

establishment of the leading group for safety assurance during shutdown of the mine:

group leader: Zhang Hongguang

Deputy Group Leader: Li Dongxing

members: Rui Qi, Zhang Jun, Wang Jianjun, Zhou Siwu, Cai Xinghai

GAO Chengming, Yang Xiaojun, Wang dingyuanzu, Zhang Ning, Zhu Zhongping

Liu Gang, Deng Yonghai, Zhou Qifang

the leading group has an office located in the safety Department, with Zhang Jun as the director of the office

the leading group has an inspection team to carry out safety inspection during shutdown in groups

(1) safety is clear

1. The mine manager is responsible for organizing personnel to investigate hidden dangers and hold safety meetings, making overall arrangements for the hidden danger rectification matters in the (Qian) coal safety supervision responsibility water Zi [2013] No. (C-243) on-site treatment decision, and implementing the hidden danger rectification funds

2. The technical director is responsible for providing technical guidance to the problems existing in the hidden danger investigation, and organizing the review of the safety measures of various rectification projects

3. The safety manager is responsible for presiding over the safety meeting, making targeted arrangements for the hidden dangers checked, implementing the rectification units and personnel, and supervising the rectification of hidden dangers

4. The production mine manager is responsible for the arrangement, deployment and implementation of the hidden danger treatment work on the mining operation site

5. The electromechanical mine manager is responsible for the arrangement, deployment and implementation of the hidden danger treatment work of the discipline in his charge

6. Other deputy mine leaders are responsible for the arrangement, deployment and implementation of hidden danger treatment work in their respective disciplines

7. The heads of all functional departments and teams are responsible for organizing the creation of safe working environment within the scope of their responsibilities, and the specific arrangement and implementation of the rectification of hidden dangers

8. The team leader, safety officer and tile inspector shall strictly perform their post safety responsibilities, carry out patrol inspection within the scope of responsibility in strict accordance with the regulations, and eliminate and treat the hidden dangers found in time. Stop violations in time

(2) ground inspection team

leader: Huang bugen

deputy leader: Deng Yonghai

members: Wang Dingyuan, Yang Guanping, Deng Yonghai, Cao Sijun

is responsible for organizing inspection and improving the following work contents

1. Patrol the whole mine regularly every day, and irrelevant personnel are strictly forbidden to stay in the mining area

2. Arrange personnel to patrol the mining area every day. If it is found that unlicensed small coal mines are handled in time, especially the reliability test, if it cannot be handled, it shall be reported to the township government in time

Futures: the iron ore 1701 contract continued to fluctuate downward in the afternoon. 3. Arrange personnel to comprehensively clean the ground drainage system to prevent rain, especially the flood control ditch at the wellhead, which must be checked every day to prevent rain from pouring back into the well when it rains

4. The electrician on duty shall check the ground power supply system every day to prevent electric shock accidents

5. Security personnel must patrol the whole mine from time to time to prevent theft accidents, and report the accidents that cannot be handled to the relevant leaders in time

(3) underground inspection team

leader: Zhang Hongguang

deputy leader: Zhang Jun

members: Li Dongxing, Zhou Siwu, Cai Xinghai, Wang Dingyuan, Wang Jianjun, Zu Zhang Ning

Liu Gang, Yang Xiaojun, Gao Chengming, Yang Lun, Zhou Qifang and an WA on duty

are responsible for organizing inspection and improving the following work contents

III. safety measures

1. Do a good job in gas prevention and control, strictly implement the work of "one shift and three reports", and the dispatcher on duty shall make relevant records

2. The ventilation Department should comprehensively inspect and maintain the underground ventilation facilities, deal with the air leakage of the air duct in time, and measure the air regularly to ensure that the ventilation facilities are intact and the ventilation system is reliable

3. Strengthen the on-site shift handover work. It is strictly forbidden to shift on the ground. If found, a fine of 100 yuan will be imposed

4. The tile inspector of 11322 cutting must regularly pump and drain the ponding in 11322 transportation roadway to prevent flooding of the equipment. If he is responsible for finding it, 100 yuan will be deducted at a time

5. The pump driver must regularly pump and discharge the water in the water tank to prevent flooding

6. The body check-up workers in each shift must strictly implement the body check-up system in and out of the well, and it is strictly forbidden for drinking people to enter the well, otherwise they will be dealt with according to the relevant regulations

7. It is strictly forbidden to start and stop the fan at will. The start and stop of the fan must be approved by the chief engineer of the mine, and the fan of the bureau can only be managed by the tile inspector

8. Detect the places where gas detection is required in strict accordance with the regulations

9. The electrician on duty on each shift must maintain and inspect the mine power supply system and monitoring system, and deal with problems in a timely manner

10. The electromechanical team shall detect the lightning protection system of the whole mine to ensure normal use

11. "Three violations" are strictly prohibited underground, otherwise they shall be handled according to relevant regulations

12. Clean up the drainage system of the whole mine, as captain Jiang said, in order to prevent flooding accidents caused by poor drainage

13. The leader in charge of the shift must check the roof of each excavation every day and deal with the problems in time if found

14. The electromechanical team should strengthen the inspection and adjustment of the monitoring system to ensure the normal operation of the monitoring system. Closely monitor the operation of each place, find out the danger, give early warning in time, and ensure that the potential safety hazards are eliminated in the bud

15. Strengthen the safety supervision of the transportation line. The belt, coal slide, winch driver, etc. should operate in strict accordance with the post operation procedures, and all safety facilities should be complete, effective and flexible

16. Non full time personnel shall not operate electrical equipment without authorization. Strictly implement the power cut and transmission system, adhere to the power cut and listing, and assign special personnel to take care of it. Whoever cuts power will send power. Instead of electricity, when the composite wall equipment is powered off for maintenance and inspection, the switch must be locked and the warning sign of "someone works, no power transmission" must be hung

IV. work requirements

1. All institutions must conscientiously perform their duties and pay close attention to the work they are responsible for

2. Strengthen the work of gas and water prevention in our country, strictly and carefully check the key parts and key links prone to accidents, and do not leave dead corners or go through the motions

3. Strictly implement the mine leadership shift system, and the mine leadership shift must go out and in with the workers

4. If the identified potential safety hazards can be rectified immediately, they must be supervised and rectified on site. If they cannot be rectified immediately, they must formulate rectification plans and rectify within a time limit

5. Those who refuse to rectify or fail to rectify shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with the provisions on punishment of Fengyuan coal mine

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