Safety assurance measures for storage and blasting

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Storage of initiating explosive devices and safety assurance measures for blasting

I. safety assurance measures for blasting

personnel involved in blasting construction must have a work license issued by the state

1. Blasting equipment that meets national standards or ministerial standards must be used in all kinds of blasting operations. The blasting charge shall be checked and corrected according to the measured data and approved by the blasting leader; Charge with wooden gun sticks; It is strictly prohibited to throw and impact when loading the primary explosive package and primary explosive column; When the deep hole charge is blocked, copper or wood rods should be used before sensitive blasting equipment such as detonators and primary explosive columns are loaded

2. Personnel charging and drilling shall not be carried out in parallel. Before charging, check whether the support near the blasting face is firm; The mud and stone powder in the blast hole should be blown clean; The heat of the newly drilled hole is too high, and it is not allowed to charge immediately

3. Unified command during blasting operation: according to the construction conditions, the daily shooting times and time are clearly specified; Vigilance requires unified action

4. During blasting, all personnel should evacuate to a place free from harmful gases, vibration and flying stones

5. Kindling is strictly prohibited during charging, and irrelevant personnel, machines and tools should be evacuated to a safe place. Charge the surrounding eyes at intervals, wrap them on the bamboo with adhesive tape, and fix them firmly

6. When the number of detonator sections and the amount of charge are large, the blasting inspection drive belt is loose and broken. The commander should first clarify the division of labor, and charge by sections from top to bottom. Each should take its own responsibility to prevent mixing sections and missing charges, and over charging is prohibited

7. Charging is prohibited in the following cases: the rock surface of the working face is broken and not supported in time

8. After charging, all machines, tools and materials on the working face shall be evacuated. After inspection, there is no missing loading. After the muzzle is blocked, the network connection (cluster connection) shall be carried out. After the network connection is completed, a special person shall be assigned to check whether it is qualified. After confirming that the connection is correct, the personnel, machines and tools have been evacuated to a safe area, and then the explosion can be initiated

9 precautions for blasting construction:

(1) it is strictly prohibited to ignite with open fire, and the length of all blasting and fuse lines shall not be less than 1.2m

(2) when there is no water, excavate the side wall foundation or ditch construction, and the number of blast holes is small, so spark detonation can be used. During spark initiation, one blaster should not ignite more than 5 shots at a time. When one person fires more than 5 or more people, the signal detonator shall be ignited first, and the ignition time of the signal detonator shall be at least 60 seconds ahead of the explosion time of the first blasthole. When the signal detonator detonates, the blaster must leave the working face

(3) workers are allowed to enter the working face after blasting, and check whether there are blind shots and suspicious phenomena; Whether there are residual explosives or detonators; Whether the support is damaged or deformed. After proper handling and confirmation, other staff are allowed to enter the working face: whether there are misfires and suspicious phenomena; Whether there are residual explosives and detonators

(4) when blind blasting is found, it must be handled by the original blasting personnel according to the regulations. When loading guns, wooden gun sticks should be used to load guns, and kindling is strictly prohibited. Irrelevant personnel and equipment lights should be moved to a safe place

(5) the receiving of blasting equipment must be handled by personnel with certificate. It must be consistent with the accounts and signed by both parties. After each charge, the unused blasting equipment shall be returned to the warehouse immediately, and the warehouse clearing and signing procedures shall be handled

II. Safety assurance measures for initiating explosive devices warehouse

I. storage of initiating explosive devices

1. The person in charge of the work area is responsible for the safe use of epoxy resin, one of the three general thermosetting resins in the work area, and establishes and improves the initiating explosive devices management system

2. Personnel participating in blasting construction must receive pre job training and assign them to each person. Establish and improve various management systems to ensure safety and specific measures

3. The explosion related personnel shall be recorded and the inspection and investigation system shall be implemented

4. Warehouse keepers and custodians should choose people with high political consciousness, strong heart and smokeless habits as guards and custodians; It is forbidden to use older persons as guards and custodians

5. Blasters, safety officers, watchmen and storekeepers shall work with certificates, and those without certificates are not allowed to engage in blasting operations

6. The work area shall submit the list of explosion related personnel to the examination and approval before taking up the post

7. Strictly implement the return system. It is forbidden to hide the remaining explosives from each shot in the dormitory of the living area or hide, buy, sell, give to others in exchange for other things. Once found, it shall be handled in accordance with the law

8. The remaining explosives used in the same day should be returned to the warehouse in time for storage. It is strictly forbidden to use explosives in this work area for other areas without approval. If it is really necessary to deploy, it can be handled only after the public security branch agrees and the material department issues an internal deployment form

9. Explosives shall not be destroyed without the consent of the public security department

10. The warehouse should be built according to the regulations, equipped with fire-fighting and anti-theft alarm equipment, and installed with lightning protection facilities; Explosives can only be stored after passing the inspection. It is strictly forbidden to store beyond the standard in the warehouse

11. There shall be no less than two warehouse guards and keepers; Do not equip with protective equipment

12. It is strictly forbidden for miscellaneous personnel to stay and play in the reservoir area

II. Use

1. It is strictly prohibited to use explosives outside the project

2. During blasting operation, there shall be operation records for blasting; After each shot, the blasting operator shall submit the blasting operation site record to the safety and duty personnel for signature and backup inspection; Record numbers in uppercase

3. The safety personnel should check whether the explosives received at the scene are consistent with the applied quantity

4. During the loading process, no fireworks, no impact, and no use of iron tools to tamp the blast hole; It is strictly forbidden to charge while drilling

5. After the completion of each row of blasting operations, the remaining explosives shall be returned to the warehouse in time

III. apply for collection

1. The work area shall fill in the application approval form according to the daily use plan. After being signed by the head of the work area (Project Manager), it shall go to the Public Security Department of the Bureau for signature and filing, and then issue the warehouse out notice to the material department. The warehouseman can issue the goods after handling the warehouse out registration procedures with the warehouse out notice issued by the material department. No distribution is allowed without approval

2. The warehouse keeper shall strictly register the ex warehouse explosives, and register the number and quantity in detail as required. It is strictly forbidden to omit or not register

3. Each work area (team) must designate a safety officer to pick up explosives in the warehouse and sign by a specially assigned person

IV. purchase and handle the procedures for quickly changing dyes now

1. Set up a fixed-point warehouse according to the construction needs; Unified standard database

2. Explosives are uniformly purchased and distributed by the Bureau

3. Handle the use, storage, purchase and transportation procedures in accordance with the requirements of local public security departments

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