Safety assessment standard of steel wire rope for

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Safety assessment standard of steel wire rope for hoisting machinery

(1) the selection of steel wire rope should meet the requirements, and the connection method should be correct

a. the fixed pressing plates at the end of the steel wire rope should be ≥ 2 or fixed on the drum and other components with wedges

b. when the lifting hook and other retrieval devices are at the lowest position (including the pit), the number of winding turns of the steel wire rope on the drum must be ≥ 2, except for the number of turns of the fixed rope tail

(2) in the Chinese standard, plum type samples and Charpy V-notch samples are mainly used. If one of the following situations occurs with the steel wire rope, it should be scrapped:

a. the number of broken wires in a twist distance (refers to the axial distance around one week of any steel wire rope strand) of the cross wound steel wire rope reaches 10% of the total number of wires of the rope

b. for the steel wire rope lifting hot metal or dangerous goods, the number of scrapped broken wires is half of that of the general Bouncer inflatable heavy machine, and the specific price increase depends on different product types: if the broken wires are concentrated in local parts, or the broken wires are concentrated in one strand within the length of six times the diameter of the steel wire rope, it shall be scrapped according to the half specified in a

c. the corrosion or wear of steel wire on the surface layer of steel wire rope reaches 40% of the original wire diameter on the surface

d. the diameter of steel wire rope is reduced by 7%

e. the steel wire rope has obvious internal corrosion

f. there is wear or corrosion on the surface of the steel wire rope, and there is a certain number of broken wires. The number of broken wires should be determined by multiplying the provisions of a and B of the surface tension meter by the reduction coefficient: when the wear or corrosion rate is 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%-40% respectively

, the reduction coefficient corresponds to 85%, 75%, 70%, 60%, 50% of the material to be measured first

g. the whole strand is broken or burnt out

h. the extension of local outer steel wire rope is in the shape of "cage" or the diameter of steel wire rope fiber core increases seriously

i. serious deformation of steel wire rope, such as kink, dead corner, hard bend, plastic deformation, hemp core detachment, etc

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