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The safe application of mixed gas in electric furnace smelting can only confirm the wear rate of parts

in iron and steel enterprises, gas, as a by-product in the production of ordinary steel line, is often not fully utilized in the ordinary steel system and used in the bio based materials industry innovation base in Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin Province. The general practice is to ignite and discharge the surplus gas, resulting in a large waste of clean energy, and use gas in the electric furnace steelmaking system, It is a new technology applied in recent years. This technology uses the remaining mixed gas in the production line of general steel through the implementation of the "oil to gas project", and uses pipelines to transport it to the special steel line for long-distance transportation, replacing oil fuels such as heavy oil and diesel oil. It not only reduces the emission of toxic gas CO, but also greatly reduces the production cost. However, due to the colorless, highly toxic, flammable and explosive nature of the gas mixture, and there is no perfect or reference rules and regulations for the safe use of gas in the special steel production system, safety management is more difficult. Relying on professional equipment and facilities and scientific operation and management, Laigang Special steel plant has accumulated some experience since the implementation of the "oil to gas project" in 2000. In the past few years, it has realized the safe and stable operation of gas utilization and established its own gas safety management system and safe operation mode

first, pay attention to the "three Simultaneities" work of the construction project, and realize the intrinsic safety of the project

in the initial construction of the gas system engineering project, Laigang Special steel plant has done a good job in the technical supervision and guidance of the whole process. In accordance with the requirements of GB "industrial enterprise gas safety code", the problem of the lack of winter insulation of outdoor water seals has been solved in time, and a regional partition device has been added to optimize the gas emission and explosion test environment; Combined with the special requirements of gas operation, the scientific rationality of human-machine interface is fully respected, some congenital design and installation defects are avoided, and the intrinsic safety level of the system is improved. Once the gas system is put into operation, the subsequent work of eliminating defects will be difficult to carry out. Therefore, Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been very careful in all issues related to gas safety from design to construction and trial production

they first adopted the promotion of advanced sealing and sealing technology in the design, so as to fundamentally eliminate it, so as to expand production coverage or reduce gas leakage, so as to ensure the intrinsic safety of gas equipment and facilities. In the review of drawings, the specific requirements of production operation are fully considered, the congenital hidden dangers of the system are avoided, and the automatic operation and control technology of gas is adopted and popularized to reduce manual operation as much as possible. At the same time, adopt and promote gas safety monitoring and monitoring technology, implement the automatic monitoring technology of CO area in the area where gas is easy to leak due to accuracy problems, and install a fixed gas alarm to realize the long-distance continuous monitoring of Co

during construction, in strict accordance with the specifications and requirements of the national standard, strengthen the construction safety management, eliminate illegal operations, and ensure that the project quality does not lay hidden dangers for the future safe operation. And strictly implement the acceptance procedures of construction projects and pay attention to the trial operation. Before the trial operation, the air tightness test and strength test were strictly carried out according to the specifications, and the equipment that failed to meet the standard was resolutely replaced and transformed. In the implementation of production preparation, sufficient air respirators, gas masks and other rescue facilities are equipped to deal with emergencies

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